All signings are Saturday, April 27th, at the 'Pop Up Bookstore, or PUB, located at the 101 Gallery, 101 W Main St. in Mesa.

Times are subject to change, onsite information will be adjusted as needed.


11am                     Hal Astell and Sherry E Engler

1130am                Colette Black

12pm                   Jenn Windrow and Bruce Davis

1230pm                Suzanne Flaig and Margaret C. Morse

1pm                     J.A. Giunta


2pm                     Brad Biggs II

230pm                  PJ Hultstrand

3pm                     Dharma Kelleher and Sharon Skinner

330pm                  Ronal Tobin

4pm                     Deena Remiel and Jon Bonnell

430pm                  Nancy Martineau

5pm                     Sandy Wright and Brad Graber