Cirque is hosted in a number of venues throughout Downtown Mesa. Some smaller than others, but all sharing a thread of the fabric that makes up this truly unique location. Our hosting venues include:

OneohOne Gallery The home venue for the event in 2019, the OneohOne features seating for 50+ in a spacious presentation space and ample room for the check-in and book store. located at 101 W. Main, Mesa, AZ. Visit Them Online
Gotham City Comics Pop Culture has a home in one of the best Comic Book stores in the valley of the sun. Looking for inspiration, you'll be surrounded by images, books and characters that are sure to motivate you. Located at 46 W Main St, Mesa, Arizona. Visit Them Online
Jarrod’s Coffee, Tea & Gallery One of the very first homes on the festival way back in 2016, Jarrod's continues to be a catalyst for a fantastic literary scene in Downtown Mesa. Located at 154 W. Main St, Mesa, Arizona. Visit Them Online
The Nile (Coffeehouse) The Film Festival is Back! Another of the "Core Venues" that have always supported Cirque, The Nile Coffeehouse is a tremendous cafe focused on vegan offerings. Located at. Located at 105 West Main Street  Mesa, Arizona. Visit Them Online
My Darling Dragon Located off of Main Street, My Darling Dragon is a true metaphysical boutique, and our newest venue for Cirque. 54 W Main St #2, Mesa, Arizona. Visit Them Online
Margarita's Grill Once again, Margarita's hosts the ever popular Friday night reception. Be sure to be there ready to mingle  10 W. Main Mesa Arizona. Visit Them Online